AWAKE AMERICA OHIO will aid independent Baptists in becoming more informed regarding current state and federal legislation that has the potential to either positively or adversely affect their lives.



AWAKE AMERICA OHIO is dedicated to urging and empowering God’s people to get involved in civics for the purpose of preserving our liberties.

AWAKE AMERICA OHIO will enable pastors to reach out to our state leaders one-on-one with the truth of God’s Word, providing biblical counsel regarding the critical issues of our day as well as a Gospel witness.

AWAKE AMERICA OHIO will be the eyes and ears in our state capitol for independent Baptist churches, keeping them up-to-date regarding proposed legislation.



AWAKE AMERICA OHIO will notify believers when they need to applaud their legislators for a vote in favor of biblically aligned legislation as well as alert them when they need to respectfully admonish their legislators for a vote that stands in opposition to biblical truth.

AWAKE AMERICA OHIO will challenge God’s people to intercede in daily prayer for our state and national leaders.

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