Resolution Passes Supporting the Efforts of the Faith-Based Communities’ Drug Crisis Outreach

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State Representative Ron Young (R-Leroy Township) today announced the passage of House Resolution 299 by the Ohio House of Representatives. The resolution was jointly sponsored with Rep. Timothy Ginter (R-Salem) and recognizes the statewide efforts of faith-based communities for victims of the drug crisis throughout Ohio. These communities are comprised of compassionate individuals who have tirelessly supported and assisted countless fellow Ohioans suffering from abuse of opioids and other drugs.

“I have communicated with many faith-based organizations throughout the state within the last six months and have seen the impact of their help on many who are addicted,” said Rep. Young. “They came to me with this idea and noted that support from the House of Representatives would assist in offering credibility of faith-based programming with judges and other leaders in their respective communities. Only these groups can offer the togetherness and loyalty of family—coupled with the love and power of God—that leads to true freedom from the power of addiction.”

The resolution was voted out of the House State and Local Government Committee unanimously, and today was passed on the House floor with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Representative Young has invited Pastor Wolvin, representing Awake America Ohio on behalf of the many independent churches who conduct Reformer’s Unanimous ministries, to be an active participant throughout the entire process. HB 427, still in the Community and Family Advancement Committee, is intended to ease the burdens upon faith-based ministries as they provide their invaluable services.

We appreciate Representative Young and his staff for the countless hours they have spent on this ongoing project.