Pastor Protection Act Approved by House

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HB 26, introduced by Rep. Nino Vitale (R-Urbana), passed by a vote of 59-29 today. Representative Vitale reinforced the importance of protecting churches and pastors from expensive lawsuits in a society which has become inundated with activist judges and lawsuits designed to chip away at liberties already guaranteed by the Constitution of the State of Ohio. Addressing the argument that the bill is unnecessary, Representative Vitale reminded the body of the designation in our state constitution which declares, “Religion, morality, and knowledge, however, being essential to good government, it shall be the duty of the general assembly to pass suitable laws to protect every religious denomination in the peaceable enjoyment of its own mode of public worship.” The Constitution of the State of Ohio expresses that the general assembly has a duty to pass laws to protect every denomination. This duty is blatantly and willfully ignored amid the cries of outrage from a small segment of our society opposing this bill.

It is our desire to see this bill pass the Ohio Senate swiftly and signed by Governor Kasich.