Override to Heartbeat Bill Veto Sabotaged

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Pro-life advocates were stunned when Ohio state Senator Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) sided with outgoing Governor John Kasich rather than his new boss, Ohio Treasurer-elect Robert Sprague.

The house procured the necessary 60 votes to override Kasich’s veto of H.B. 258. The senate looked like it had the necessary 20 votes until Senator Beagle, who had voted for the bill in the 131st Assembly and was a Yea vote just two weeks earlier, voted no due to his admiration for Governor Kasich.

The term-limited senator is slated for a position in the administration of Treasurer Robert Sprague’s administration. Treasurer Sprague, incidentally, drove seven hours from vacationing with his family for his last action as a state representative…to vote FOR the Heartbeat Bill.