HB 36 Ohio Pastor Protection Act Proponent Testimony Requested

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The Ohio Pastor Protection Act has been introduced as HB 36. The Community And Family Advancement Committee has set Tuesday, February 21 to receive all remaining testimony. The time and location in the Statehouse has not been announced.We will update the time and place on this site, via email and also on our Twitter account. Please fill out the form to be placed on our email list.  The Ohio Pastor Protection Act is a very simple and straightforward bill which will protect pastors and churches in Ohio from lawsuits from the state or civil lawsuits for refusing to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples or for refusing church property to be used in a ceremony.

The office of Representative A Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) has contacted us to request pastors to come to Columbus and deliver a brief (3-5 minutes) statement in support of this bill.

If you are interested in giving proponent testimony in person:

  1. Contact Representative Nino Vitale’s office at (614) 466-1507 or Rep85@ohiohouse.gov in order to be added to the list of proponents.
  2. Complete the Witness Information Form (link at bottom of article) and send that to Rep. Vitale’s office.
  3. Email your written testimony (usually on letterhead) to Representative Vitale’s office.
  4. Show up at the appointed time and place.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Daniel Wolvin with any questions you may have. If you cannot attend, please send a letter to Pastor Wolvin and he will be happy to introduce the letter as written proponent testimony for you.


  • The Honorable Timothy Ginter
  • 77 S. High Street
  • Columbus, OH 43215


  • Awake America Ohio
  • 3728 Snouffer Road
  • Columbus, OH 43235


Bill – The Ohio Pastor Protection Act

Letter to Representative Vitale–1-18-17

Witness Information Form