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Awake America Ohio would like to publicly express our support and prayers for our brethren in States across the Union, such as California, New Jersey, New York and Nevada, who are either inhibited in the due exercise of religion or restrained from that blessed practice as dictated by Scripture. The oligarchic and overreaching bureaucracies of these administrations are guilty of brazenly trampling the First Amendment, discriminating against their own citizens and thumbing their collective noses against an Almighty God. We fearfully and humbly remind these leaders of how God casually tossed heads of state like Pharaoh, Sennacharib, Haman and Herod Agrippa among the rubble of history for their brazen insolence toward Him and their callous indifference for His people.

On behalf of the pastors and members of 400 independent Baptist churches in Ohio, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Speaker Robert Cupp and members of the Ohio House, President Larry Obhof and members of the Ohio Senate and Governor Mike DeWine for passing and signing H.B. 272, which states that no public official shall issue an order to close places of worship in the State of Ohio.

We commend these legislators and their leadership, as well as the Governor and his administration, for further ensuring the State of Ohio will remain a cradle of religious liberty in this blessed Republic. We are hopeful that good laws, like this, will strengthen the resolve of every American in every State in their battle to protect and preserve our most fundamental and precious God-given rights.