Independent Baptist Pastors Voice Concern

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Pastors from across the Buckeye State converged on the Statehouse in support for HB 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act. From as far as Ashtabula, Toledo, Dayton and Athens these good brethren came to testify before the Community and Family Advancement Committee in order to encourage those members to recommend passage to the floor of the house. HB 36 would grant pastors and their churches immunity from litigation for refusing to perform, participate in or allow their buildings and properties to be used for any marriage ceremony which would oppose their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Over 20 independent Baptist pastors gave their testimony in person while another 40 submitted their testimony in written form.  While no wording in this bill expresses reproach for any member of the community, it is quite apparent that the LBGT-Q community sees this as an assault upon their “special rights and privileges” instead the instrument of religious liberty, for which it is intended.

We now need to contact our representatives and urge them to vote for the passage of this bill.