HB 565 Introduced to Abolish Abortions in Ohio

 In Bill Alerts

Representative Ron Hood (R-Ashville) and Representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) introduced legislation today which would abolish all abortions in Ohio. Opponents are already claiming that both women and doctors will automatically receive life in prison or even death penalty sentences if this bill becomes law. In actuality, the bill allows prosecutors to decide what punishment to seek and what charges to file.

What this bill does is establish the fact that for Ohioans life begins at conception and designates unborn children as actual persons with a right to life. We wholeheartedly applaud Representatives Hood and Vitale for not only claiming that life begins at conception but also doing something about it. We are thankful for the following representatives who were not ashamed to place their name on the bill as co-sponsors, even in the face of political threats in the primary elections:

Rep. Antani, Rep. Becker, Rep. Brinkman, Rep. Dean, Rep. Keller, Rep. Kick, Rep. Merrin, Rep. Retherford, Rep. Riedel, Rep. Roegner, Rep. Romanchuk, Rep. Schaffer, Rep. Sprague, Rep. Stein, Rep. Thompson, Rep. Wiggam, Rep. Young, Rep. Zeltwanger.

We truly thank you for those who – at the present time – are unable to speak for themselves.